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Giving Revenge

It hadn’t been that long of a journey to the place Cy had described. With the girl pointing the way, Wasp had been able to get them to the wastelands of Arizona within a matter of days. Though this was because she had refused to rest. She had been awake for almost a week and she was exhausted. She’d allowed Cy to sleep on the airplane, on her back when she was speeding down the roads on her motorcycle, and any time in between. She’d even carried her piggyback sometimes. The girl was so light it was almost as though she wasn’t carrying anything at all. It seemed like she should weigh more than she did, but she was guessing that this was a direct result of what kind of creature she was. Wasp wanted to sleep, but at this point, she was feeling she could sleep when she was dead. She knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep until she’d given the men who had hurt her friend what they deserved. 

Now they were just outside the facility. It was a stark white building with few windows. It looked to her like one of the mental institutions she’d been placed in. There were bad people in there, people she was going to hurt. She wasn’t going to kill them. Death was too good for them. However, she may have to. She didn’t want the law on her heels. She just wanted these people to suffer. She had in her boots knives and stuck into the waistband of her pants a handgun. She was sure that there were many other devices she could use to hurt these men within the facility and she would do so gladly. 

In truth, every fiber of her being wanted to run down the slope they were crouching on behind a large rock and burst through the doors, shooting everyone in sight, but she knew she couldn’t do that. She had to be stealthy. She had to be careful. She had to do this right, just as she’d hurt her father and Erik Bjurman. They had deserved pain and these people deserved pain too. They deserved to suffer. She smirked at the thought of what she was going to do to them and remembered what she’d told Bjurman. I am insane. She was insane and she didn’t care. Her insanity gave her strength to do what was necessary to pay back those who had prayed on the weak. Monsters. Fucking monsters, she thought. 

Before they infiltrated the facility, she figured she should probably ask Cy who the people who’d hurt her looked like. She didn’t want to hurt anyone else on accident. “Can you use your magic to give me an image of the people who hurt you?” she asked. Though she was furious her voice was gentle. Cy was as close to a little sister as she’d ever had, even if she was over five hundred years older than her. She wasn’t going to frighten her and she most certainly wasn’t going to allow the people in the building below to get away with what they’d done.

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

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